Kahwa in My Cage (kahwainmycage) wrote in bad_jokes,
Kahwa in My Cage

The Stick

There are two brothers, and the older one always picks on the younger one. One day, the younger brother is heading out the door with a stick covered with duct tape. The older brother says, "Where do you think you're going, stupid?"

The younger one says brightly, "I'm catching ducks!"

Older brother says, "You idiot, you don't catch ducks with duct tape!"

The younger brother shrugs, leaves. He comes back later with a ton of ducks hanging off his stick. The older brother ignores this.

The next day, the younger brother is heading out with his stick covered with chicken wire. The older brother says, "Hey, moron, what are you doing now?"

The younger brother smiles and says, "I'm catching chickens!"

The older brother says, "You sped, you're retarded, you don't catch chickens with chicken wire!"

The younger brother leaves, comes back later with chickens all over his stick. The older brother doesn't want to admit this works, so he keeps his mouth shut.

The next day, the younger brother is leaving the house with his backpack on and no stick. The older brother says, "Hey, dumbass, where's your stick?"

The younger brother reaches in his backpack and says, "Well, I don't need my stick today, but I got this pussy willow ..."

Older brother says, "Let me get my hat."
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